Lesson Rates

Rates Per  Student Number of Students per class
  Private Semi-Private Tiny Group Small Group Medium Group Large Group
  1 2 3 4-6 7-10 11-20
20 minutes $38 NA NA NA NA NA
30 minutes $57 $34.50 $27 $19.50 NA NA
45 minutes $73 $45 $31 $24.75 $20.50 $16.00
60 minutes $90 $56.50 $37.50 $30 $24.50 $19.50

Private Lessons start with the scheduling and payment for one lesson. After this initial lessons, student may then sign up for the term. After the first lesson, tuition is calculated based on the number of lessons in the term and then divided into equal monthly payments.

We take all standard holidays off. Students who want lessons on holidays may work out a schedule with their instructor.

In order to receive a make-up lesson for a missed lesson, students must cancel with 24 hours notice.

All student enrollments include the option to participate in the following student events.

Upcoming Student Events