Musically Minded Academy has moved all lessons to online and is accepting new students during the Shelter-In-Place Emergency


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Musically Minded Academy is a supportive community built through a mutual love of music.

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Musically Minded Academy is a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization that educates students of all ages on musical instruments, voice and musical theater. Our students perform in many events each semester.  Building community one note at a time. People first, music second.

All online for 2020

All of our classes and programs will only be offered online for the remainder of 2020. We will reassess in the new year to see when we can resume in person classes.  We will continue to offer the option of online instruction moving forward. 

Local Schools are Cancelling Band!

Local schools have cancelled band due to COVID19. We are here to help with a new band program. We are offering into classes to clarinet, flute and saxophone to start and will add more classes soon. Please check Our Programs in the menu and look for Music Lessons to find these classes.  

2020-2021 Season

Welcome students! Our 2020-2021 Educational season started this week. We are all online due to COVID19 and are celebrating and engaging in all of the ways that distance learning can be a blessing. We are choosing to actively focus on the positive aspects of this unprecedented time and consciously pivoting from all of the downsides […]


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Support the Academy

Musically Minded Academy relies on community and foundation support to offer our services and programs. Over 60% of our summer camp students attend with financial aid. We also provide workforce development in Salesforce for school administrators, many of whom have gone through our program and have found paying jobs in this sector.