Impromptu Jazz Show


Renowned guitarist, Jeff Parker, is in town for a night and he and his friends Scott Amendola, Nina Ott and Chris Lopes have decided to hold an impromptu jazz show at Musically Minded Academy.  Join us for a night full of great friends and fantastic music! The sets will include all original music by the band members.

When? Thursday, April 28th, 8:00-10:00pm
Where? Musically Minded Academy,  5776 Broadway, Oakland  CA 94618

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This show will be awesome. I promise. Don’t believe me? Here are some important people saying great things about our performers:

“If Scott Amendola didn’t exist, the San Francisco music scene would have to invent him.” – Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Lopes’ bass works itself deep into the fiber of music adding subtle graduations of colour and tone.” – David Keenan, The Wire

“If you went looking for a poster-child for Chicago’s multidirectional, cross-pollinating, interstylistic music scene, you couldn’t find a better one than Jeff Parker. “ – John Corbett, Thrill Jockey Records

“Nina is a gifted musician and teacher. Her highly developed musicianship and skills as a pianist greatly enhance her effectiveness as a teacher. Behind the piano or in front of the class, she is equally at home.” – Matthew Nicholl, Chair, Contemporary Writing and Production, Berklee College of Music

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