Open Teaching Demonstration on Acoustic Guitar


Take a lesson in Classical Guitar with Glenn Staller.


Saturday June 18th

11:00, 11:30, 12:00

We’re currently looking for students who want to know more of how to play  nylon strings or steel strings acoustic guitar.

“Teaching for over 25 years, Glenn has created a strong method to develop the playing and musicianship skills needed by today’s professional musicians and hobbyists. Each student will explore many musical styles from classical to flamenco to jazz to blues. thus giving the student an understanding in the diversities in playing the guitar. Specific and in-depth study of one particular styles suggested after the student has learned the fundamentals.” — Glenn’s website

Note, the lesson will be supervised by our director Anna Orias.

Glenn is a seasoned pro and will give you guidance through essential music fundamentals, open positions chords and offers lots of insight to his students.

The cost is $46 for a half hour lesson.

There are only three time slots available. Don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up now.

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