Winter Break Camps

The kids are out for 2 weeks! How can we entertain them? Geeze, I have to work that week and still shop for the holidays!

Sign them up for our camps here at Musically Minded Academy!

Jedi Engineering LEGOs         Grades: K-3        Dec. 19 – Dec. 23

Young Jedi will explore worlds far, far away and engineering principles right in front of them. Defeat the Empire by designing and refining X-Wings, R2-units, and settlements on far-flung edges of the galaxy. Imagination and engineering combine to create motorized and architectural projects such as energy catapults, shield generators and defense turrets. A new offering of original designs for young Jedi from Play-Well TEKnologies.

Mad Science       Ages: 6-11     Dec. 19 – Dec. 22 & Dec. 27 – Dec. 29

Week 1: CRAZY CHEMISTRY  Explore and create exciting chemical reactions, make colorful concoctions and bubbling brews. Amaze yourself with magical temperature changing baggie science or growing ghost crystals. Study the chemistry involved in not-so simple things like chalk and soap, and even experiment with the chemistry used by artists, spies and detectives! Chemists will bring home a project each day.

Week 2: SECRET AGENT LAB The Mad Science Secret Agent Camp is a fun journey into the world of detection, spy science, and forensics. Campers will examine the science behind the spy tools made famous by the world’s greatest spies! We will reconstruct activities using scientific methods and use the science of cryptology to send and decode secret messages. See what can’t be seen by the naked eye and follow in Sherlock’s steps to learn what tracks can tell us! Secret Agents bring home a project each day.

Jewelry Making      Ages: 6 thru tweens thru teens

Dec. 19 – Dec. 23

  • Day(s): Week 1: Mon-Thu, Week 2: Tues-Thu
  • Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Registration: Register for Week One,  Register for Week Two,  
  • Cost: Week 1: $192 (Tuition $152, materials $40) Week 2: $144 (Tuition $114, materials $30)

What is better than a gorgeous, handmade gift from a loved one? Join Dragonfly Designs and become your own designer by learning the ancient art of jewelry making in time for the holiday season! Highly trained and enthusiastic staff will teach jewelry making in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate way! Children explore their creativity through exploration of colors, textures, and patterns. Learn new jewelry making techniques to make beautiful gifts for friends and family, including, resin, bead stringing, crimping, and more. At Dragonfly Designs, it is our mission to offer exceptional handmade jewelry and the opportunity to create it, while promoting social justice, personal style and fun.

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