Better Coordination for Pianists: A Workshop in the Alexander Technique

Laura Klein Alexander Technique Workshop PhotoMusically Minded Academy, in partnership with pianist Laura Klein, is hosting a one-day workshop on Coordination for Pianists and the Alexander Technique. Laura has been playing the piano professionally for over thirty years, and has been an AmSAT Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1987.
She specializes in helping pianists and other musicians utilize the Alexander Technique to improve coordination, avoid injury, and enhance performance. She has a private practice in Berkeley, and gives Alexander Technique lessons through the UC Berkeley Music Department.

Three benefits that participants will get:

  • better sitting balance at the piano
  • understanding of the role of the whole body in playing the piano, not just arms
  • playing with less tension

Playing the piano is a complex process involving not just the fingers and hands, but the use of the whole self. Inappropriate tension and unconscious habits of misuse can interfere with ease of playing and musical expression. The Alexander Technique is an ideal method for solving these problems.

This workshop is open to pianists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. We will introduce some of the principles of the Alexander Technique, which can be applied to piano playing. These can help in improving piano technique, preventing playing-related injuries, and alleviating stage fright.

Topics will include: sitting balance, using the back to support the arms, efficient movement of the torso, seat height, and what constitutes a healthy use of the hand and arm.

A few participants will receive demonstration “hands-on” work at the piano.

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