Fun With Garageband One Day Workshop with Sam Schwartz

This class will be focused on using a series of loops from within the program and subsequently making “tracks” or “beats” with which to put a melody/hook/lyrics over. We will learn to build a groove from the ground up with bass, drums and harmony loops! Learn how to use a fun easy recording program that will make it so you can record and produce your own music! Learn the aspect of production that goes into music making!

Sam Schwartz is a guitarist, singer, and composer from Oakland California and has worked on many projects such as Jean Quan’s Campaign music video and scoring different promotional videos for glass artists including Jess Wainer and Jonah Ward. Sam is also in Dynamic Truth, a band that has just recorded and released their debut album on their own label Dynamic Truth Music Group. Sam has been the artist, producer, and engineer for several different music projects, which gives him a good grasp on how to teach the art of recording.

List of equipment to bring to class

  • Macintosh Laptop with Garageband installed (Preferably OS 10.5 or higher) including charger
  • Headphones
  • Instrument of your choosing (if you want to record with the instrument)
  • A specific melody or song you would like to record (optional)

Class by class description/ hour by hour
The first 20 minutes will be introductions and formation of the outline or the workshop based on student levels/abilities.

Demonstration of how to use the program teaching students how to build a basic track from the ground up and how to look for loops that to produce tracks.

Students create their own tracks from scratch to learn how the program works.

Start production! Add phasers, flangers, distortion, EQ, etc to existing tracks

Teacher demonstration of recording a live instrument/vocals into garageband

Students write a new song with the knowledge they have accrued in class using vocals or a live instrument.

April 12th
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Ages 8 – Adult

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