Join us for Summer! Camps, workshops, lessons and more!

We’re looking forward to an exciting summer of camps, lessons, workshops, classes and events! Join us for all of the fun. Check out our camps page to see all of the options for special summer offerings. Also, note that Musically Minded Academy is open year round and our private lessons and ensembles continue into the summer. We accept new enrollees for our normal programs at any time throughout the year.

Music camps

Glee Club Camp

Our own Pollyanna Bush will run a fun Glee Club Camp.

Pollyanna in Paris

Garage Band Workshops

Sam Schwartz will be running two Garage Band Workshop during the summer. This time, they will be at an intermediate level.

Jewelry Making, Science and Engineering with Legos camps too!

Dragonfly Designs camps are creative and fun! We will be hosting 5 weeks of these great camps.

[SlideDeck2 id=7389]

We also have lego engineering camps by Play-well Teknologies:

Plus science camps by Mad Science:

Contact us for all the details or enroll online!

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