Drama, Music, and storytelling magic on Broadway…

This autumn, Musically Minded will introduce a new, exclusive musical theatre program run by esteemed art director and performer Caroline Altman. The program for older students — nine through thirteen- runs once a week on Mondays for the duration of this fall, a total of sixteen sessions. It focuses on basic song and music composition, acting, dance, and collaborating with a group to create, write, rehearse and perform a one-act musical. This program requires an audition to ensure every applicant has basic stage and musical knowledge.

There is also a junior musical theatre program for younger students, ages six through eight. It runs every Wednesday, and does not require an audition, as its purpose is to teach the basic learning needed for the first session, no prior knowledge is required. It was specially created by teacher Caroline Altman for younger students with a passion for singing, acting, and dance!

The winter and spring 2013 program for older students focuses on singing and dancing in theatre. It meets twice a week through the winter and spring. Students will have the amazing opportunity to attend matinees at local theatre companies, as well as other musical theatre and storytelling events. Repertoire will include songs popular today and the classics, stretching student’s musical knowledge.

The program for younger kids will focus on singing and… tap dance! The beginning soft-shoe and tap program will focus on the music of the 1930s and 1940s, but will also include a modern “twist”. It runs once a week.

These programs are amazing opportunities that will help build musical, stage, and dance knowledge. They are taught by Caroline Altman, an arts director and performer who has been the Director of Education for the San Francisco Opera Guild for the past six years. She has directed youth theatre for the part two decades and has written four musicals and one opera for younger performers. She truly embodies the mission of Musically Minded: to cultivate, edify and inspire students, building community through performance based music education.

Students can sign up for both sessions or do so individually. We encourage you to register today!

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