Re-enrollment now open for 2013-2014!

New for 2013-2014

There are a few new, exciting alterations for our new year!

  • Events have moved to Sundays!
  • Now there are 2 more days per year for week-day lessons!
  • All enrolls receive one free ticket to each pro concert on our Featured Artist Concert Series during the 2013-2014 term.

What is the “Program”?

Since 1994, Musically Minded has offered a unique program that combines weekly private lessons with one instructor with monthly Academy wide events.

This educational model has proven to be highly successful. The re-enrollment rate for this program is very high as students continue for many years.

How is this different from traditional private lessons?

There is an annual schedule of events and teachers tailor lessons to match the monthly theme. The events have been developed over many years and bring the students through a successful educational arc which builds many skills including:

  • Inclusion in a dynamic, creative and inspiring community of peers
  • Student Camraderie/Collaboration
  • Technical skill and Knowledge of Music Theory
  • Repertoire Building
  • Development of “artist’s persona” as students learn to think for themselves and express their own artistry
  • Teacher Collaboration and Teamwork

First the students come together in the “Encore” event in September where they play their favorite pieces from their studies. This event is casual and eases everyone back into the new school year. Then, students complete their preparations for one of our first recital of the year

The Halloween/Fall themed recitals in late October. These events are polished and the pieces are perfected. Students perform in costume which lightens the formailty of the event.

Next students participate in the Holiday Performance in December, with the option to play holiday pieces. The Academy is festive during that time with many decorations and holiday lights.

The new year starts with an Academy wide goal setting theme during the first week of instruction. During this week, teachers spend the first lesson of the year reflecting on the work that they accomplished in the prior year and set new goals for the calendar year. They often listen to recordings and watch videos of the prior year to help them remember their progress. Often student meet in small groups and are motived by their fellow students’ work and goals.

In February, there are the Skills Labs, where students focus on specific skills like technique and rhythm.

Then, in March, we move into the Recital Season where all focus is on prepping for the end of year recitals.

We start with the Duo/Ensemble classes where all program students are paired with other Academy students to play in small ensembles. During this time, they attend each others lessons to rehearse. This gives students exposure to other Academy instructors and builds relationships between students. These pieces are performed in March and repeated in the end-of year recitals.

Students also work on solos and in the Optimal Performance Classes, we work on how to master and refine the art of performing by developing and refining numerous skills from the mundane to the complex. This event goes beyond the obvious preparation of learning the recital pieces and into preparing your mind, body, instrument and materials to ensure the ability to consistently produce polished and satisfying performances.

The final events of the year are our end-of-year recitals where students demonstrate all of the skills and knowledge they have gained in their musical studies thusfar. Musically Minded Academy is known for these fantastic events featuring students of all ages and abilities.

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