Get ready for our first student event of the year!

Our first Academy event of the 2013-2014 year is on Sept. 8th! This event will get MMA students back in the saddle right away by having them perform pieces that they already know.

Why so soon?  We are a performanced based program. We want playing in front of an audience to be ordinary, not extraordinary. Thus, our program has opportunities to students to perform almost every month of the school year–starting now!

What are we going to play?  Students that have been studying over the summer may play their current works. Students who took the summer off may play old pieces that they already know.

Why should we attend? This event is casual and will allow time for families and students to connect and socialize. Building these relationships is an important part of the support structure that students will draw upon throughout the term.

What are the exact details of the event–time, place, etc.? Check this page for details.

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