Our Violin Program is expanding!

We have three great violin teachers at Musically Minded Academy,

Nicola Gruen, Sarah Wood and  Lauren Avery. We are expanding our string program and accepting 20 new students. We have  openings 7 days a week now.

Musically Minded Academy’s unique program takes students through a carefully planned educational arc that  spans a school year. The program is open to students of all ages and provides an active community  of peers, instructors, and music supporters who all come together monthly in our student events.

String Ensemble

There are weekly lesson provided with the instructor of your choice. Additionally, our program  students get one free ticket to our monthly pro concerts as well as the option to participate in our  monthly events. Private students get paired with other private students to work on duos, trios and  larger ensembles and share their less time with others so that everyone gets exposure and coaching  from Academy Instructors.

As is true with learning any language, we believe music is best learned in the context of a musical  environment with like minded people that are interested and articulant in the art form. Our non-profit  mission is to ”build community through performance based music education.” We have built a  thriving community of individuals and families and we work to connect people to others in the  Academy so that every may feed off of the collective interest and passion for music education.

Let us know if you want to schedule a lesson with one of our instructors to see if they will be a good  fit.

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