Exciting new professional concert series at Musically Minded Academy


Beginning in May, Jim Bennett of KCSM’s In The Moment presents a new concert series at Musically Minded Academy, dedicated to continuing the legacy of Jazz as a living art form.

At least once each month, we’ll present a tribute to a particular artist, such as Sarah Vaughn, Max Roach or Jackie McLean, as presented by some of the bay area’s finest musicians.

The series is curated by Musically Minded’s new Pro Concert Series Artistic Director, Jim Bennett. Jim will collaborate with each artist in presenting these tributes, which will sometimes take the form of presenting a seminal recording in the history of Jazz.

The series is made possible in part through an anonymous donor, and Diane Bennett, who wish to encourage you to support local musicians by attending concerts here.

In the case of an album performance, there will be a short first set, featuring a mix of what our performers normally present. This will be followed by a brief intermission, and then a short discussion with Jim and the artist about the importance and historical or personal importance of the featured recording. We’ll also take a few questions from the audience.

The recording will be played in its entirety, not as a mere recreation, but with the goal of bringing the music alive for a new audience.

In the tribute concerts, there will be one long set, with commentary interspersed throughout. Each concert will be recorded for broadcast on KCSM, and each audience member who makes an extra contribution to the musicians will be thanked on the air for that program.

There is also an opportunity for internship with Jim in production of the radio series, through Musically Minded Academy.

Jim brings over 40 years experience in sound, recording, training, and on air hosting of radio programs to the position of Artistic Director at MMA.


  • Kaylah Sterling
    / Reply

    Can I be put on a mailing list for your upcoming jazz concert series?

    Thank you

    • Jim Bennett
      / Reply

      Yes, will send in the next 48 hours!!

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