VOCAL WORKSHOP – With Pollyanna Bush and Raz Kennedy

“Belt it Out” in Full Effect with Ease!

July 12, 2015 11:00 am – 6:00 pm; 2 pm – 3 pm Lunch Break (Students bring their own lunches).
Price: $120.0
Ages: 14 +

Vocal Professionals

1. What techniques do Haley Williams of the rock band,
Paramore, or Christina Aguilera know (that you don’t!) that gives them the ability to sustain those high, edgy, full-volumed notes with clarity & without stress?

2. Have you experienced strain in the voice when attempting to sing “Bang Bang” by Jessie J or “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan?

3. Why does Brian Johnson of the iconic rock band, AC/DC, still have a voice after decades of using vocal distortion (rasp) when singing?

4. Have you attempted to growl like Ray Charles, Big Mama Thornton, Tom Waits, or Louis Armstrong only to come away with your throat irritated like it’s been scraped with sandpaper?

5. Are you a vocal instructor or studio producer who is 
“in the dark” about how to explain to your students or singing artists how they can safely produce & sustain loud vocal volumes when performing live on stage or in the recording studio?

Bay Area vocal coaches, Pollyanna Bush & Raz Kennedy, share their knowledge of how to sing in the styles of rock (Steven Tyler, Kings of Leon & Janis Joplin), R&B (Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder & Beyoncé), Pop (Pink, Bruno Mars & Adele), Musical Theater (Idina Menzel, Lea Michele & Michael Crawford) and other “belted” styles as in Gospel, Country & World Music by providing fast & effective tools which ANY singer can use to help them sing without vocal hinderance & tension. Techniques which provide a safe & healthy use of vocal effects (distortion, growl, rattle, etc.), common in popular styles, will also be demonstrated & explained. Professional vocal coaches, studio producers, as well as, singing artists will find this course informative & inspiring. 

All levels welcome. Singers interested in “actively” participating in the master class are required to sign-up 30 minutes before class begins.
Pre-requisite for ‘active” singers: intermediate to advanced level of technical vocal ability.

For questions & more information contact: 
Raz Kennedy
(415) 200-9087 

Register ASAP. Enrollment is limited.

Pollyanna Bush and Raz Kennedy bring together 70 years of combined experience and a wealth of knowledge in the practice of singing and the teaching of voice mechanics.

Pollyanna Bush has recently completed the 
Levels I, II and III of the Jo Estill Singing Method and is currently a teacher in training at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark under the direction of Danish master vocal coach/researcher, Cathrine Sadolin (creator and founder of CVT), along with her incredibly talented teaching staff. 

Raz Kennedy has recently been certified as an Authorized CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) Teacher, having studied for the last 3 years in Copenhagen, Denmarkunder the direction of Danish master vocal coach/researcher, Cathrine Sadolin (creator and founder of CVT), along with her incredibly talented teaching staff. 

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