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Welcome to the monthly edition of In The Moment Radio. I’m Jim Bennett. SInce I stopped broadcasting a year ago on KCSM, the motivation for sharing live music with you has changed, because I don’t have the luxury of a wonderful station, with a great and loyal audience, truly in love with the same music that I am. I am motivated by preserving the music I’ve recorded, all of it priceless to me, and hopefully to others. Recently I had a hard drive crash, containing a number of concerts recorded for In The Moment, including a performance of the late Bob Dorough at Filoli Jazz. I hopefully will be able to save these, but it might be at considerable expense.

Do look for a fundraising campaign from me soon, which will enable me to offer the program again to KCSM, and to other stations. I have some 25 recordings that have not yet aired, including all of last year’s concerts from the In The Moment Concert Series at Musically Minded Academy. If you would like more information about all of this, please email me inthemoment1@gmail.com.
In The Moment Radio program posted 4/19/18: 
Crossing Borders, recorded July 24th, 2016, at the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society, in Half Moon Bay

A recording from the late in the KCSM program run, after I had become the engineer for the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society in Half Moon Bay, featuring the complete performance of the Canadian-American quintet, Crossing Borders, recorded July 24th, 2016. The fact that there are 2 married couples in the band, musicians who have played together for years and who also share an emotional connection, really comes across in performance. Crossing Bordersfeatures 2 Canadians from Vancouver, BC., and 3 Americans from the San Francisco Bay Area, so they literally “cross borders” regularly; but their name also captures their approach to music – the material ranges from Brazilian tunes to pop, jazz and original music. Crossing Borders is co-led by the heralded Canadian jazz vocalist/pianist Jennifer Scott, and Bay Area saxophonist Kristen Strom, who is well known for her melodic, engaging style. With guitarist Scott Sorkin, bassist Rene Worst, and drummer Jason Lewis. Special thanks to Barbara Douglas Riching, of the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society.


Thanks to my sister Diane Bennett for making this series possible these last few years. She hopes that you will support Jazz and all types of music, by going to see artists here in the Bay Area. See You soon. 

Keep your ears wide open,
Jim Bennett

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