2020-2021 Season

Welcome students! Our 2020-2021 Educational season started this week. We are all online due to COVID19 and are celebrating and engaging in all of the ways that distance learning can be a blessing. We are choosing to actively focus on the positive aspects of this unprecedented time and consciously pivoting from all of the downsides to embrace all that this new time can offer us in terms of education. For example, our asynchronous learning options are increasing with powerful tools that we will continue to use even when we go back to in person learning. When we have recovered from the pandemic and are back to face-to-face interactions, our newly gained skills will allow us to offer distance learning to students who cannot make it to class for reasons like a bad cold, lack of transportation, a trip out of town, etc.. There are so many exciting new and old tools that we are adopting now and we are approaching it all as a new adventure. 

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