Local Schools are Cancelling Band!

Local schools have cancelled band due to COVID19. We are here to help with a new band program. We are offering into classes to clarinet, flute and saxophone to start and will add more classes soon. Please check Our Programs in the menu and look for Music Lessons to find these classes.  


  • jordan stern
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    Hey there,

    Curious about your classes…i have some students who may want to do supplemental stuff after school and wondering if they can join your classes? how much do they cost?

    Also, regarding the note on your website—OUSD band classes are in full effect right now FYI.

    Thanks for your time,


    • Anna
      / Reply


      Yes, or course they may join. The prices are listed on the website under Our Programs. Claremont Middle School and others have cancelled their instrumental music classes. Many OUSD schools do not offer instrumental music.


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