3 Great Reasons to be a Musician!

Reduces Stress

Stress is always going to be a part of everyone’s life. It affects everyone be it a kid or an adult. However, what is important is to learn to manage stress in the early age.

Listening to music makes us feel relaxed and enjoy ourselves. It also teaches us to find our peace and enjoy ourselves 

Stress management is essential if we hope to live a full and happy life. And Music is one form of art that teaches us to rest, relax, and enjoy ourselves. Playing or listening to music allows us to create a space where we can feel calm and let go the botheration of our life.

Weather we play an instrument or just listen to our favorite tracks, the music adds true value to our being. Playing an instrument lets you express yourselves to the outer world. 

Music is a form of art that lets us thrive in our everyday life. It teaches us to take required breaks and recharge us for the day ahead. This way, we can endure in our lives through our difficulties and be happy from inside.

Helps you achieve Mindfulness

Are you wondering what is mindfulness? And how is it related to music? So, mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique (Source: Oxford dictionary)

Music and mindfulness go hand in hand. Music is one of the most effective object to  focus our mind. Mindful listening to music reduces our stress significantly and enhances our complete well being.

Learning to play an instrument helps to increase our concentration level since it requires us to pay undivided attention during your lesson or practice. 

Whether it’s voice, a guitar, or piano, our focus is crucial to learn to play and perform every note at its best. Our mental state and ability to focus is the most essential part of music learning and that is what you achieve with mindfulness.

Increases Your Brain Power

Learning an instrument actually increases your memory ability and brain function! The claim that learning to play or listening music really impacts your brain function has been under debate for quite sometime. And recently, researchers have confirmed that it sure does!

Listening to music or composing it, enhances your cognitive function. It can improve your math skills, comprehension, coordination, and improves our memory function.

One can learn music at any age, but, leaning to play at a young age lets you get ahead in overall journey. However, learning in senior years has its own benefits. It can reduce the effects of forgetfulness that sometimes comes with aging.

Learning an instrument is beneficial at any stage off life.  If you couldn’t start at young age due to any reason, now is the time to Enroll! Click here for more information.

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