Musically Minded Summer Programs

Virtual Musical Theater Programs

Each program will be limited to 10 children per week.

2020 Summer Program Dates

  • June 1-June 5

  • June 15-June 19


Music, Acting, Art, Dance, Storytelling

Students work together to develop their own storyline and then put together a video show. On Friday of each week, we will have a watch party to show off our video production and get comments and feedback from friends and family!

Original Universe Theme-  

June 1-June 5

Students will create original characters from scratch and pull them together in a storyline with original music to create the show for the week.

Movie Mashup Theme-

June 15-June 19

Students will become characters from their favorite movies and put them together, all mixed up, in a story with music and dance to create the show for the week.

Unique Program

STAFF that is artistic, dynamic, and energetic
CURRICULUM that inspires creativity and collaboration.
METHOD that captures childhood creativity and imagination.

Watch your kids blossom as they immerse themselves in music, make friends, grow their confidence, and express their creativity.

Teamed by age and led by our dynamic staff, campers dive into music, art, and on stage play. Each week, campers collaborate, leveraging their individual strengths to develop a final performance. Through this work, they convey ideas and emotions and build awareness of nuance, complexity, structure, emphasis and theme in musical expression.

This progrram uses tech tools: Google docs, WeVideo, Soundtrap and some other fancy tools on the teacher side! Each child will temporarily get access to these tools for the week of the program.

Program at a Glance

Brainstorming Phase – Day one In this stage we meet online on Zoom explore plots, characters, locations and storylines to start to build a list of characters and outline our story in Google Docs.

Script Writing and Music Selection Phase – Day two In this phase we use our outline to write scenes in Google Docs. We make our musical selection and start rehearsing offline using recorded backing tracks and videos. Also, we look for virtual backgrounds to use as our sets and start to load them into WeVideo.

Costumes and Rehearsal – Day three We read through the script and learn the lines well enough to perform scenes in front of the camera without hesitation. We also forage through our homes to find any costume pieces that we will use in the video recordings.

Video performance Rehearsal – Day four We perform the whole show together on Zoom with the instructor selecting who is showing for each scene. We refine the performance with edits to WeVideo.

Final Show Day – Day five  All final edits are made and we finalize the performance in WeVideo using all of our clips from the recorded zoom sessions, plus fun pictures, videos and audio clips that we have created in WeVideo. We have a watch party with the families.

What do we need to attend?

  • Students need 1-2 devices that they can access for all activities. Two devices are not necessary, we find that kids who do have them, have an easier time with adding extras like virtual backgrounds and virtual costumes. 
    • One device will be used for zoom meetings. Older devices may not allow virtual backgrounds or other fancy tools. Newer devices are not required, but do make the camp experience more enjoyable.
    • The other will be used to see things like the script in google docs, media files that we add to the production, WeVideo edits, Soundtrap.
  • Time at home in a space without background noise. Zoom works outside too, so they could do the class from a porch or backyard, as long as there is not too much background noise.
  • Some creativity to find silly props and costume pieces from home, like hats, etc.. We will allow on screen type costumes like one sees in apps like Snapchat. The kids act on camera and the camera edits their face to look like another character, like a dog, for example.

Online Program Schedule

  • 10:00-11:30 pm      Online cast meeting on Zoom
  • 11:30-1:30 pm         30 minutes of at home activities that kids do on their own schedule
  • 1:30-2:30 pm            Online Cast Meeting on Zoom
  • 3:00-3:30 pm             (FRIDAY ONLY) Final watch party with friends and family

Ages: Grades 4-8

Summer Program Prices

Summer Program prices are offered in multiple tiers to allow for varying financial needs of our families.

* Tier 2 pricing is available to all underrepresented minorities (URMs) — African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Pacific Islanders, LGTBQ and Latinos.

CAMP LOCATION: Entirely online