Musically Minded Summer Camps

Musical Theater Camps

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2020 Summer Camp Dates

  • June 1-June 5

  • June 15-June 19

  • July 13-July 17

  • July 27-July 31


Music, Acting, Art, Dance, Storytelling

Campers work together to develop their own storyline and then put together a full show with acting, music, movement, costumes, props and sets. Camp ends with performance of the original show!

Original Universe Theme-  

June 1-June 5

Campers will create original characters from scratch and pull them together in a storyline with original music to create the show for the week.

Fantasy Adventure Theme- 

July 13-July 17

Campers will create new characters from the fantasy realm with wizards, dragons, elves and the like and pull them together in a storyline with music and dance to create the show for the week.

Movie Mashup Theme-

June 15-June 19

Campers will become characters from their favorite movies and put them together, all mixed up, in a story with music and dance to create the show for the week.

Mixed Theme Story:

July 27-July 31

Characters in our play will be characters from books, folklore, plays, movies or any other medium. Campers become their favorite characters from their most valued stories and put them together, all mixed up, in a story with music and dance to create the show for the week.

Popular Camps

STAFF that is artistic, dynamic, and energetic
CURRICULUM that inspires creativity and collaboration.
METHOD that captures childhood creativity and imagination.

Watch your kids blossom as they immerse themselves in music, make friends, grow their confidence, and express their creativity.

Teamed by age and led by our dynamic staff, campers dive into music, art, and on stage play. Each week, campers collaborate, leveraging their individual strengths to develop a final performance. Through this work, they convey ideas and emotions and build awareness of nuance, complexity, structure, emphasis and theme in musical expression.

Camp at a Glance

Brainstorming Phase – Day one In this stage we explore plots, characters, locations and storylines to start to build a list of characters and outline our story.

Script Writing and Music Selection Phase – Day two In this phase we use our outline to write scenes. We make our musical selection and start rehearsing

Costumes and Rehearsal – Day three We are working hard on rehearsal and learning lines on this day. We also get all costumes together and ready for the show

Tech and Costume Rehearsal – Day four We methodically rehearse each scene stopping to adjust each sound cue, placement and costume to get ready for our final show. Also, this is “paint the counselor day, where the kids put face paint on the counselors from head to toe.

Final Show Day – Day five  This is where we pull it all together with sets, costumes, tech, sound, music and the audience.

Rates and Location

8 am – 5:30 pm

  • 8 am – 9 am drop off
  • 9 am- 4 pm programming
  • 4 pm-5:30 pm pickup

Ages: Grades 2-8

Summer Camp Prices

Summer camp prices are offered in multiple tiers to allow for varying financial needs of our families.

* Tier 2 pricing is available to all underrepresented minorities (URMs) — African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, and Latinos.

CAMP LOCATION: St. Peter’s Church, 6013 Lawton Street, Oakland, CA 94618

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