Adult Jazz Combo


This creative aging class for students age 55+ instrumental group devotes itself to the performance of jazz standards. There will be public concerts each semester as well as opportunities for other gigs in local community events.


This course in ongoing and offered continuously in consecutive sessions, semester after semester. In this group students will focus on building a repertoire of pieces and improve on this skill list:

1. Read and understand multiple jazz styles.
2. Sightread jazz music at a proficient level.
3. Understand jazz terminology.
4. Understand jazz symbols.
5. Understand basic ii V7 I patterns.
6. Understand blues progressions
7. Understand beginning to intermediate improvised solos.
8. Play basic blues solo in two or more keys



Jazz Standards Combo
This combo is for adults who demonstrate a minimal level of technical proficiency on their primary instrument and ability to play in time with a metronome. For melodic instruments: the ability to read notes and rhythms, not perfectly upon first viewing, but able to work things out.  The ability to play major scales in all keys and some knowledge of what notes are in basic 7th chords. For chordal instruments: knowledge of and ability to play basic 7th chords: Maj7, min7, Dom7, min7b5, and dim7 and ability to play major scales in all keys. This group will build a repertoire list that they will perform in Academy Student Events and at other local performances like street fairs and public festivals. This group enrolls a semester at a time, yet will continue every semester to be an ongoing group.  If you are not sure, we are offering the first class free.

This term it will be on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30 pm at St. Peter’s Church, 6013 Lawton Ave., Oakland, CA 94618.

Enrollment Procedure: To enroll in this course, pay for one class ($24.50) and attend as an audition. The teacher will then determine if the student is a good fit with the class and the student may enroll by semester after that. Monthly payment plan options are available.

Instructor is Ken Husbands.  For More Teacher Information