Group Piano A1 – For Grades K-1

Group Piano Levels for Ages 4-6
Piano Teachers at Musically Minded Academy use the Faber and Faber “My First Piano Adventures” books and CD’s to supplement learning in group classes. Here is a note from the authors of these books:

“With students at age six or less, piano teaching becomes an adventure for both the child and the teacher. We’ve set aside our seriousness and inhibitions to join the child’s world in a playful exploration of music and the keyboard. Through imagery, metaphor, and a diverse world of sound, we seek to develop a foundation of aural perception, eye tracking, and physical coordination. There is special opportunity to develop perceptual ability at a young age. Skills unfold while we engage the child’s inherent love of music.”

Fun and Imagination for a Spirit of Play – We take students into a musical “playground” where we explore, hear, look, and learn, fully engaging the children with visual, auditory, and kin esthetic (feel/touch) activities.

Activity Based Learning for Focused Attention – Activity based learning correlates to the child’s age (5 minutes for a 5-year-old). Students move from table, to piano, to white board, and back engaging the child in the rhythm of each lesson.

Creative Metaphors for First Technique– Essential aspects of piano technique are introduced using child centered technique activities to teach rounded hand shape, arm weight, and rising wrist motion.

Movement and Singing for Rhythm and Pitch – Students are encouraged to use their bodies and voices in various speeds, moods, and keys finding their own steady beat to play in time with their fellow students.

Classes names are based on the names of the books used in this series. There are three levels of books: A, B, C.

LEVEL A: A1 is a preparatory class that takes students through the first 3rd of this level. A2-A3 continue through the end of the Yellow books.
Young students in this class will learn about the basics of piano introductory level course. They will explore the following concepts:

  • up versus down
  • loud versus soft
  • high versus low
  • finger numbers
  • basic keyboard geography
  • basic rhythmic note values
  • beginning piano technique
  • Students will learn pieces on the piano and use workbooks and games to explore ear training, sight-reading, music symbol writing and more.

Students in this class will receive the Level A Writing and Lesson Books in the My First Piano Adventures Series by Nancy and Randall Faber.

Classes will start on Monday September 9th from 3:30 to 4:15.  There will be classes every Monday thru December 19th for 15 classes. Classes will meet in the Social Hall at St. Peter’s Church at 6013 Lawton, Oakland, CA 94618.


The classes will cost as follows:

  1. Registration Fee – $15.00
  2. Piano Materials – $22.29
  3. Classes – $288.00

Course Instructor:  Anna Orias   For more on Anna go here