Group Piano OB1

Group Piano Level OB1 for grades 4-5

A special class for fourth and fifth graders this fall!   Classes will start on Monday September 9th from 4:45 to 5:30.  There will be classes every Monday thru December 19th for 15 classes. Classes will meet in the Social Hall at St. Peter’s Church at 6013 Lawton, Oakland, CA 94618.

This level and the subsequent OB2 and OB3 will include the following curriculum tools:

  • The Faber Piano Adventures Accelerated Course books
  • Music Board Card and Dice Games to reinforce Theory Concepts
  • Improvisation Techniques
  • Pop Song Pieces for basic chord progressions

Faber Piano Adventures Accelerated Beginner Book 1 
Concepts and Technique Approach:
This level has a focus on a reading system that emphasizes:

  • intervals (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), musical patterns, and notes across the grand staff:
  • Rhythms using eighths, quarters, half and dotted half notes, whole notes and rests.
  • Expressive articulation; legato and staccato
  • C and G five-finger scales, tonic, dominant, and I and V7 chords
  • Transposing using C and G 5-finger scales
  • Reading sharps, flats, and naturals
  • Harmonization, improvisation, composition
  • Teacher duets provide rich harmonies
  • “Technique Secrets” such as Rounded Hand, Firm Fingertips ​​​​​​, Correct Thumb Position, Arm Weight and more
  • “Artistry Magic” pieces for each unit explore expression and musical touch at the piano

Music Board, Card and Dice Games
Various teachers around the world have made fun board, card and dice games for music students. We play these in class to reinforcing concepts.

Pop Workbooks
Students have the option of using pop music with basic patterns and teacher accompaniments that focus on the basic chords in pop.

Optional Apps
Students in our classes may also get Academy accounts for ipad games like Piano Maestro, and NoteFlight.



  1. Thursdays, 4:15-5 pm. 11 sessions, $272.25 . 03/05/2020 – 05/21/2020. No class on 4/2.

At Home Practice

Students in this class need to practice a minimum of 5 days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. They are required to have access to a full size weighted keyboard with a pedal, a bench and a music stand to complete their homework.

Course Instructor:

Anna Orias   For more on Anna go here



All enrolled students are invited to attend the events listed below.

Video Class Samples

Here is a playlist featuring students from former classes at this level and beyond. Use the icon in the upper corner that is a few lines with a triangle at the bottom to see the list of videos to choose from.