Group Piano P1

Group Piano for 2nd-3rd graders – Primer Level

The Primer Level introduces the keyboard, note values, and the grand staff. Students play in Middle C Position and C Position through recognition of steps and skips, and learn letter names independent of finger number. Musicianship is built through the use of dynamics and coloristic experimentation with the pedal.

In this class, a small group of students will go through the initial part of this level together in a room with multiple pianos. Time is spent at the main table, learning concepts, and the white board, drilling the concepts and at the pianos, playing pieces and learning technique. Each student is at their own piano and they all play in unison. This builds great rhythmic coordination and listening skills!

Caregivers are welcome, but not required, to attend and assist their children.

Classes will start on Monday September 9th from 4:00 to 4:45. The first 15 minutes of class with overlap with another group for everyone to play board, card and dice games to reinforce music concepts.

There will be classes every Monday thru December 19th for 15 classes. Classes will meet in the Social Hall at St. Peter’s Church at 6013 Lawton, Oakland, CA 94618.

The classes will cost as follows:

  1. Registration Fee – $15.00
  2. Piano Materials  – $29.39
  3. Classes – $288.00

Registration and Materials fees are due up front. Request a payment plan if you need one for the tuition which can be split in up to four installments.

Course Instructor:  Anna Orias   For more on Anna go here



These dates and events are included in the Group Piano Class.