Group Guitar

Class Details

Ages: 9 to 18 and adult.


Please select the deposit product for your class below. Each class requires a $100 deposit to enroll. This amount will be applied to the tuition. If the class does not meet the minimum enrollment, we will refund the deposit. If the class does fully enroll, we will apply the tuition to the installments and contact you to put a credit card on our files for automated collection of the remaining installments. If you prefer not to give a credit card for installments, you may pay the tuition in full. Limited financial aid is available for all classes. Please contact us and tell us how much of the monthly amount you can afford to pay and we will let you know if we can provide financial assistance.

3 student class = $81 per month for 3 installments.
4 student class = $58.50 per month for 3 installments

03/15-05/24 = 9 weeks (excludes week of April 5th for Spring Break and includes a student online performance on March 20th)

Ages 7-9: Mondays, 4:00-4:30 pm, (skipping Monday Holidays)
Ages 10-12: Mondays, 4:30-5:00 pm,  (skipping Monday Holidays)
Teens: Wednesdays, 4:30-5:00 pm
Adults: Tuesday, 6-6:45 pm

Instructor: Derek Barber

Introductory Level


This class is for students that have never played before. It will overview the instrument and give students an opportunity to learn the basics. From here, they can progress to higher levels of study.


This course is part of a series of ongoing classes offered continuously in consecutive sessions, semester after semester. The idea is to start in an introductory group and then proceed to ongoing group lessons. In this into level, group students will these skills:

  • Memorizing the names of the strings on the guitar.
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Very first chords to learn
  • 1st Strumming Patterns
  • Easy Songs for Guitar
  • “Power Chords”


Frequently Asked Questions

Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

While this class is mainly geared towards acoustic guitar students, electric guitar students are more than welcome. There are advantages to starting out on either one. To be a well-rounded guitarists, however, it’s important to develop abilities on either one. 

Where do I get an instrument?

  • Broken Guitars in Oakland is a great small store resource.
  • In San Francisco, Real Guitars is a good place to find an electric or acoustic. 
  • Guitar Center
  • Starving Musician

NOTE: Some public schools will allow you to check one out while you are enrolled.

What is the difference between a music stand and an instrument stand?

  • An instrument stand holds your instrument when you are not playing it. This is good to have in class to safely put your instrument down when needed.
  • A music stand holds your sheet music (paper book)

Course Requirements

Students are expected to be punctual and attend all classes and performances.
There is a minimum practice requirement of 20 mins a day, 5 days a week.
Students need to adopt a growth mindset and follow the respectful online conduct.


  • Instrument (optional: instrument stand to place the instrument)
  • Acoustic or Electric Guitar (if Electric, a small amp of some kind or interface is required).
  • Access to a Guitar Tuner (Phone Apps are fine as are Youtube videos).
  • Metronomes are strongly recommended (Phone Apps are acceptable).
  • Internet access (connecting your device directly to your ethernet will provide the most reliable connection for online study)
  • 2 devices for each class: one to use as a camera for zoom, another to play backing tracks mid lesson. 
  • Music Stand to hold printed copies of music.
  • Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method Grade 1 Book. This can be found on Amazon as well as most music stores including Guitar Center.