Group Violin

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Group Violin

Ages: 9 to 18 and adult.


Please select the deposit product for your class below. Each class requires a $100 deposit to enroll. This amount will be applied to the tuition. If the class does not meet the minimum enrollment, we will refund the deposit. If the class does fully enroll, we will apply the tuition to the installments and contact you to put a credit card on our files for automated collection of the remaining installments. If you prefer not to give a credit card for installments, you may pay the tuition in full. Limited financial aid is available for all classes. Please contact us and tell us how much of the monthly amount you can afford to pay and we will let you know if we can provide financial assistance.

Tiny Class (3 students per class) = 4 monthly installments of $87.75 each ($27 per student per 30 mins).
Small Class (4-6 students per class) = 4 monthly installments of $63.38 each ($19.50 per student per 30 mins).

Tiny Class (3 students per class) = 4 monthly installments of $100.75 each ($31 per student per 45 mins).
Small Class (4-6 students per class) = 4 monthly installments of $80.44 each ($24.75 per student per 45 mins).

Schedule: Feb 24 – May 26, 2021 excluding April 7, 2021, for a total of 13 classes. 

Ages 7-9: Wednesdays, 4:00-4:30 pm, Instructor: Adam Green
Ages 10-12: Wednesdays, 4:30-5:00 pm, Instructor: Adam Green
Teens: Wednesdays, 5:00-5:30 pm, Instructor: Adam Green

Adults: Wednesdays, 5:30-6:15 pm, Instructor: Autumn Voakes

Introductory Level


This class is for students that have never played before. It will overview the instrument and give students an opportunity to learn the basics. From here, they can progress to higher levels of study.


This course is part of a series of ongoing classes offered continuously in consecutive sessions, semester after semester. The idea is to start in an introductory group and then proceed to ongoing group lessons. In this into level, group students will these skills:

  • Instrument care and maintenance
  • Proper Instrument Hold and Positioning
  • Producing the first tone
  • Practice guidance
  • Learning basic pieces


Get your start on violin or viola! Learn to play basic pieces and have fun with a group of peers.



That this is the price for  a small group of 4-6 students for 10 weeks of 30 minute lessons.

Tuition does not include required materials, which need to be purchased separately by each student. See “Required Materials” section in the right hand column.

After the initial 10 weeks:

  • The class will have the option to continue with a new and longer enrollment period
  • For the continuation, if the class size changes, or the duration of the class increases, the rates will change accordingly.
  • We are a music school and after the 10 week initial period is completed, we move students over to longer term enrollments that include annual performance events.
    • Longer courses move to a monthly payment plan where the total tuition for the term is divided into equal monthly payments. Since there are different numbers of Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. in each term, we will wait to quote this total tuition until we know the start and end dates of the enrollment period. Our per class rates can be found here. More details on terms and Events can be found here.

Where do I get an instrument?

BUY: Southwest Strings
BUY OR RENT LOCAL: Ifshin Violins
BORROW: Some public schools will allow you to check one out while you are enrolled. Ask us for a direct contact if you attend an Oakland Public School.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to be punctual in/and attending all classes and performances.
There is a minimum practice requirement of 20 mins a day, 5 days a week.
Students need to adopt a growth mindset and follow the respectful online conduct.


  • Instrument and bow
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Rosin
  • Internet access (connecting your device directly to your ethernet will provide the most reliable connection for online study)
  • 2 devices for each class: one to use as a camera for zoom, another to play backing tracks mid lesson.
  • Music Stand to hold printed copies of music.
  • Strictly Strings Book 1 for your specific instrument. We suggest buying a paper and a digital copy of the book as the digital copies have the audio tracks that accompany each piece.

Instructor, Adam Green

Adam Green is a beloved energetic artistic local music teacher who is passionate about teaching.

Instructor, Autumn Voakes