Musical Theater

Acting, Music, Theater Games, Improvisation, Arts and Crafts! Each week students work together to develop their own original musical theater show which will be presented to parents, friends, family and neighbors at the end of the semester.

Try it out with one free class before you commit to enroll! 

When: Class meets weekly on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 pm.  Spring Class will begin on January 15, 2020 and the last session will be on May 27, 2020.   Join at any time with prorated tuition!

Where: St. Peter’s Church Social Hall, 6013 Lawton, Oakland CA, 94618. Entrance is down the stairs to the right of the courtyard.

Tuition: $70 per month

Once we set the plot and the start to rehearse the show, students will take on “roles” as either actors or tech.


  • Actors will be on stage in the performances and have a role in the production.
  • Ages: 2nd-8th grade


  • Tech crew will be assigned specific roles in areas such as costuming, sound, lighting, sets, props, hair and makeup, google docs administration.
  • Tech will participate in all cast meetings, theater games and team building exercises.
  • Ages: 6th-8th grade

High School/Adult Volunteers are welcome! Experienced Adults and enthusiastic teens may volunteer to help with the production and will be placed in positions in accordance with their experience. Volunteers need not work every hour of the class and must be approved by the administrative staff.

Instructor, Anna Orias. 

STAFF that is artistic, dynamic, and energetic
CURRICULUM that inspires creativity and collaboration.
METHOD that captures childhood creativity and imagination.

Watch your kids blossom as they immerse themselves in music, make friends, grow their confidence, and express their creativity. Teamed by age and led by our dynamic staff, students dive into music, art, and on stage play. Each session, students collaborate, leveraging their individual strengths to develop a final performance. Through this work, they convey ideas and emotions and build awareness of nuance, complexity, structure, emphasis and theme in musical expression.

The Creative Process
Students work together to develop their own skit and then create everything needed for an original musical theater show, from props to costumes. Students are encouraged to be creative, work as a team and take responsibility for the outcome of their efforts.

This format allows for kids to set their own pace and work in both small and large teams. It is amazing to see how kids group together in different ways to produce the final show–little kids work with big kids, all supporting each other! New friendships form and kids learn how to troubleshoot and grow their artistry. Kids, counselors and teachers go through the creative process together, which is simultaneously challenging and exciting, to come up with the exhilarating final show.