Semi Private Lessons


Semi-Private lessons are available on most instruments at most levels. Although the Academy in general does not focus on one genre of music, our instructors can provide a genre focus. For example, you may want jazz piano lessons, latin percussion, or classical voice. We have teachers who can provide lessons on specific genres.

Students may enroll in semi-private lessons at any time. We schedule one lesson to see if it is a good fit. If it is, we enroll the student for one of three term choices:

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Session
We also have two terms for student who want ongoing lessons with no interruptions:

Academic Year (Fall + Spring)
Full Term (Fall + Summer + Spring)
Our Full term students are the most successful students in the Academy as ongoing music study is the most successful path for the serious music student.

To set up a lesson just push the Set Up Lessons button below.