Group Piano

Instructors at Musically Minded integrate their own teaching knowledge with the material that is presented in method books to create a structured and dynamic learning environment for each specific age range.

Group lessons require a team effort to be successful. Instructors work with students to develop group dynamics that are supportive and inspiring. Parents/caregivers, instructors, the administration and the students work together to create a dynamic and powerful learning environment. Everyone must do their part to put the pieces in place. Students need to feel safe, supported, encouraged, challenged, and inspired to learn. Parents need support to help figure out how to schedule regular daily practice time and to assist their children with maintaining the pace of the class. The administration needs to ensure that everyone is well informed about rooms, scheduling, policies, tuition, etc.. The instructors need to constantly evaluate each student’s needs while keeping the spirit and vibrancy of the group.

Group learning can be a powerful educational experience

Anna Orias uses the Piano Adventures Books for her classes. Read more about Piano Adventures here.

Class Availability

Once our students start group classes, the classes often remain together for years. For this reason, we do not open new classes frequently. Here is our current availability. Please note that you may request a new class at anytime and we will try to accommodate if scheduling allows.

Group Piano For Band

Level 1: Grades 4-12, Mondays 3-3:30 PM starting 9/14 and ending 11/30, skipping all Holidays. Instructor Tammy Hall.

Level 2: Grades 4-12, Mondays 4-4:30 PM starting 9/14 and ending 11/30, skipping all Holidays. Instructor Tammy Hall.

Group Piano for Ages 4-6

Level A: Ages 4-6, Thursdays 4:30-5 PM starting 9/24 for 10 weeks excluding holidays. Instructor Anna Orias


Tammy Hall is a local treasure. She has played piano for most of her life and has extensive experience and acclaim as a performer. She has played around the world and worked has an extensive discography of recordings. We are delighted to have her on our staff.

Anna Orias is the founder and director of Musically Minded Academy. She has training and experience in many forms of group piano instruction.  Anna’s career has been devoted to fostering musicians. This work goes beyond basic music instruction. Through the medium of music education, she works to teach life skills to students. She believes that all people have artistry and creativity inside that is a seed, ready to grow. Once the conditions are right, the creativity emerges.


  • Piano or keyboard and a piano bench. Keyboards need to be 88 weighted keys and be held on a keyboard stand with a sturdy music stand and a sustain.
  • Internet access (connecting your device directly to your ethernet will provide the most reliable connection for online study)
  • Metronome or metronome app. Tuner or tuner app.
  • A device with a stand to hold it up on the left side of the piano, high enough to tilt down toward the keys so that the teach can see the student, the keyboard and distinguish the right hand from the left hand.
  • Piano Adventures books and the accompanying app on the app store.

Benefits of Group Instruction

  • Lower cost  — Group students all pay a portion of the rate for the classes, thus group lessons are less expensive than private instruction.
  • Peer learning is inspiring  — Students who learn together form a team and support each other in their learning process. Being part of a healthy group is inspiring and motivating for students.
  • Peer modeling is powerful  — Observing and participating in educational settings with peers inspires a healthy inner dialogue–“I am struggling to learn this. I do not know that I can do this. Oh, look at them! Look at how they are learning. I  see  now that I can do it!”
  • Musicianship skills  – Successful group playing requires sharp listening skills. Learning to sync, listen and musically collaborate with others develops strong musicianship