About Musically Minded Academy

Musically Minded Academy is a cornerstone in the Oakland Music Community. We are a haven for musicians and music lovers alike.

Musically Minded Academy is dedicated to fostering musicians by building a supportive and thriving community, a haven for musicians and music lovers alike. Music is a language and we believe that people must be immersed in an environment with other musicians it to grow and thrive.

MMA is exactly the type of arts organization you want located in the middle of your community. MMA not only teaches music, the teachers and staff also teach respect for the arts, for their instruments and equipment, for other students (for example other students who may not be as proficient), and for the surrounding community. The children AND parents are reminded regularly to be respectful and deferential to those in the neighborhood in order to maintain positive relations. In turn we (both children and adults) are able to benefit from the richness of the musical offerings they bring and be exposed to new and different types of music than we would otherwise hear.

Cameron Jones, MMA Parent