Summer – 1st Day

This is the first day of lessons and classes for our 2019-2020 Academic Season.

May Recitals

These are our most polished events of the year. There are recitals every hour for many hours. Each event features polished performances by our students.

Collaborations Event

In this event, all students will pair up with other students to collaborate in a performance. This is a class, not a polished recital. Teachers will guide students through the process of learning to play in ensembles. This is a preparatory event for the year end recitals as some pieces will be included in that […]

Game Day

In this event, our large hall will be set up with multiple tables with music games of different levels and subjects: Note reading, symbols, rhythm, harmony, ear training, music history, and more. Board Games, Card Games, Ear Training, Performance Games. Students, Family and friends are invited to attend. Lots of family fun for everyone!