Our Philosophy


We involve the whole family and the whole musically minded community in our programs. This creates a positive artistic synergy which not only enhances students’ musical skills but makes for a nurturing experience for all.  

Musically Minded offers unique music education programs designed to help students develop a passion not only for individual instruments, but for excellent musicianship. We aim to inspire our students to learn music as a language and communicate and connect with themselves and their communities through the enjoyment of this art form.

Our educational model strives to take students beyond basic skills such as technique, reading, rhythm training, ear training, music theory, and performing. Our programs are designed to instill the inspiration, confidence, discipline, clear goals, and self-motivation that characterize the complete musician. We aim to inspire our students to find their own creative expressions and connect through performance to their micro-community (family and friends) as well as their macro community — the greater San Francisco Bay Area. By sharing our photos, video and audio footage of our musical successes through social media, our student’s musical experiences further effect lives of people throughout the world.

Our education model aims to reach these objectives:

1. Learn and refine musical concepts, skills, theory, technique and performance ability
2. Experience multiple styles, genres and instruments by listening to and playing music with others
3. Build repertoire and add specialized and custom skills required for specific styles and genres
4. Build confidence, develop creative expression  and increase joy through exploration and development of ones’ musical persona
5. Connect to others through the enjoyment of the language of music

Musically Minded aims to provide the highest quality music instruction. Our teachers are experienced and works to maintain our philosophy that music is an integral part of a joyful life for individuals, families and communities at large.