Introduction to Band Instruments

Small Group Classes 



This class is for students that have never played before. It will overview the instrument and give students an opportunity to learn the basics. From here, they can progress to higher levels of study.


This course is part of a series of ongoing classes offered continuously in consecutive sessions, semester after semester. The idea is to start in an introductory group and then proceed to ongoing group lessons. In this into level, group students will these skills:

  1. Caring for and assembling the instrument
  2. Forming the Embouchure
  3. Producing the first tone
  4. Practice guidance
  5. Learning basic tunes



Get your start on a band instrument! Learn to play basic tunes on woodwinds and gain aptitude on your instrument so that you can learn to play in a band. 


  1. Students are expected to be punctual in/and attending all classes and performances.
  2. There is a minimum practice requirement of 2o mins a day, 5 days a week.
  3. Students need to adopt a growth mindset and follow the respectful online conduct.


  1. Instrument (we also suggest buying an instrument stand to place the instrument on when not playing)
  2. Reeds, 2.0 thickness or 1.5 thickness
  3. Internet access (connecting your device directly to your ethernet will provide the most reliable connection for online study)
  4. 2 devices for each class: one to use as a camera for zoom, another to play backing tracks mid lesson. 
  5. Music Stand to hold printed copies of music. 
  6. Accent on Achievement Book 1 for your specific instrument. We suggest buying a paper and a digital copy of the book as the digital copies have the audio tracks that accompany each piece. 


  1. Where do I get an instrument?
    1. BUY: Woodwind and Brass
    2. BUY LOCAL: Steve Deutsch Music – https://stevedeutschmusic.com/
    3. BORROW: Some public schools will allow you to check one out while you are enrolled.
    4. RENT:  Easy Band Rentals 
  2. What is the difference between a music stand and an instrument stand? 
    1. An instrument stand holds your instrument when you are not playing it. This is good to have in class to safely put your instrument down when needed. 
    2. A music stand holds your sheet music (paper book)

2020 Fall semester schedule

  • Intro to Clarinet Tuesday 3:30-4 pm
  • Intro to Flute Tuesday 4-4:30 pm
  • Intro to Alto Saxophone Tuesday 4:30-5 pm

Ages: 11 to 18

Per class Price: $195 tuition, $15 registration fee.

All 3 Classes: 10 weeks starting from 8/25/2020 to 10/27/2020 every Tuesday.

Instructor: Matt Morrish