To complete the enrollment process, you will need to select a camp(s) and tuition option(s).  Musically Minded Academy offers multiple levels of tuition to meet the varying financial needs of our enrolled families. Please choose the highest option that you can afford. This will allow us to spread our funds to more families. The selections you make are completely confidential and will not affect the camp experience.   To select an option just hover over the camp box and click “add to cart” for each week that you want. Then, in the  cart section, check out.


We do offer payment plans for all camps. Payment plans start at the time of enrollment and must be paid in full by the first week of camp. We hope that these plans will allow families to manage their cash flow while they pay the highest rate that they may afford. Select the camp and payment plan which meets your needs below.


This tier is the full $380 cost of the camp. Please choose this option if it is within your financial ability, as by doing so we can assist more children who need financial assistance.


This tier is a special subsidized $280 tuition. Tier 2 pricing is available to all underrepresented minorities. This tier does not require proof of financial need, yet we ask that you only choose this if you cannot pay the full camp price. 


This tier allows enrollment for $250 or less. To enroll in Tier 3 you need  Click Here to fill out a financial aid form.

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June 15-June 19

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