Adult Rock

Heikki Koskinen

Heikki has over 40 years of teaching experience on all levels.
He studied music at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston.

He was selected Finland’s #1 Jazz Trumpet Player in 1975-76, and has received several Finnish grants for composing music. He has recorded several feature albums and has participated in many professional recordings. Other credits include conducting the LASER ORCHESTRA for multimedia performances at San Francisco State University,scoring music for several independent films, and conducting the ASCAP 33 piece studio orchestra in Hollywood.

His teaching positions include:

  • Eleven years at Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto (K-8)
  • Four years at Gateway Charter High School in San Francisco
  • Thirteen years at Live Oak School  (K-8) in San Francisco
  • He was also an itinerant music teacher for all the Mill Valley public elementary schools for several years
  • In Finland he was one of the original teachers at the renowned Sibelius Academy’s Jazz Department
  • Heikki is a recipient of the Rockefeller Foundation Award for excellence in Arts in Education

He also has a Masters in Civil Engineering from the Aalto University in Finland.

Heikki has recently moved to Oakland from San Francisco and learned about Musically Minded Academy through a musical partner, drummer Alan Hall. He has taught piano, trumpet, and band lessons.  He has over 40 years of teaching experience on all levels.   A native of Finland, he plays several instruments (piano, trumpet, recorder), composes, and produces music in his home studio in Oakland as well as teaching music.

His strengths as a teacher arise from extensive experience teaching K-12 music classes, private tutoring and directing school bands.  He is able to adapt his teaching methods and can work with any available resources and instruments.  He is well versed in all styles of music, from popular to classical, jazz, and folk.  His approach to teaching encompasses taking each student’s temperament and musical inclination into account.  He has experience in arranging music and is able to customize the music parts for each student using computerized notation software (Sibelius and ProTools).   He has had the opportunity to lead students in public performances at all my previous schools and has arranged the music so that it strengthens each student’s unique musical talents.

In addition, he is involved with several professional music groups as a leader, composer and arranger.  He is looking forward to contributing his unique skills and experience at MMA.