Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Teacher

Madaline Duran

I have a passion for teaching woodwinds to all ability level students.
I feel music is a learned skill, and potential everyone has the ability to learn an instrument or sing. I do believe there are some of us able to excel quicker and music is much more naturally intuitive than it is with others. I have also thought a great deal about this. Everyone wants to play music when it’s easy. What makes music hard? People quit playing music when they go by something they don’t understand, the instructor keeps piling more info on them before the student has assimilated the previous lessons.
As a supervisor, instructor, teacher, my goal with students are to teach them how to teach themselves. I teach students how to listen, judge or critique then correct, organize their practice for good efficient use of time, inspire with positive reinforcement, teach them how to practice, help them increase their knowledge, and above all instill a thirst for seeking answers.

  • Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida in clarinet performance
  • on the faculty at the Stanford Jazz Workshop for 11 years.