Percussion Instructor

Rene Escovedo

Percussion Instructor

Mr. Escovedo’s approach to percussion instruction is individualized regardless of students level of mastery and learning style. Mr. Escovedo supports learning artists with the basic fundamentals of grip, and fulcrum techniques for the applied rudiments of drumming, while also working on developing a sense of feel and time within themselves.

Additionally, through private lessons and group workshops; students receive opportunities to discuss the types of music they like in order to support individualized practice, musical ethnography and research, and ongoing instruction.

Each student takes their own individual amount of time to be absolutely sure of themselves. Family plays a critical role with youth and parents/guardians have to be sure, that the drums are going to be their instrument of choice.

As a self taught musician René spent his younger years listing and learning as many styles of music as possible. Having been born into what would soon be a family full of great drummers and percussionist, René new at a very early age that drumming was in his blood and the overwhelming need to play drums was cursing through his veins.