Uplift Music

OUSD Youth Musicians playing in orchestras

Disrupting Inequities in Music Instruction for Underserved Youth in Oakland, CA’s public schools.

About Uplift

Uplift Music elevates established and burgeoning music education and performance leaders by growing and deepening educational excellence.



• BUILD a sense of belonging with a safe learning environment where music students feel connected and inspired.

• UPLIFT OUSD music instructors

• Ease the OUSD Music teachers’ stressors through active support, planning, strategizing, and networking.

• Empower their position as role models for their students.

• CONNECT participants to the Oakland Arts Community through volunteers, foundation support, and organizational partnerships.


The Students

This program aims to increase opportunities for OUSD students to have equitable access to excellent music education in a safe space with a community of peers, professional educators, and community supporters.



The UPLIFT Music program anticipates five of the following outcomes:

• Increased confidence in music performance and countering impact from years of isolation due to distance learning.

• Increased attendance and community engagement.​

• Improved access to instructors, mentors, and students’ experiences.

• Increased employment opportunities for high school students pursuing professional music careers.

• Improved academic performance.

Read below to learn about how we uplifted the music in the Claremont Middle School.