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Impromptu Jazz Show

LIMITED ENGAGEMENT! DON’T MISS OUT! Renowned guitarist, Jeff Parker, is in town for a night and he and his friends Scott Amendola, Nina Ott and Chris Lopes have decided to hold an impromptu jazz show at Musically Minded Academy.  Join us for a night full of great friends and fantastic music! The sets will include […]

My Aunt’s Academy

Well, it’s been three months since my aunt asked me to write this, and since it’s a rainy, boring day, I thought I might as well. I don’t have anything else to do- except homework. But I can do that later. One of my many talents is procrastinating homework… and then panicking because I don’t […]


We would like to welcome you to Musically Minded Academy’s new web site! A big thanks goes out to the team at Waxcreative for their tremendous creativity and for our new logo and web site design. We would also like to thank Alexi Thomakos, our Site Manager and Content Developer, and Sean Schuster-Craig for his […]